Business Compensation Manager (BCM)

Business Compensation Manager (BCM) is our product matching all corporate complex needs as regarding distribution networks and business partners Compensation agreements.

Our Business Compensation Manager has all the Evidency Modules (Em) needed to support any kind of business Compensation agreement. Every Evidency Module (Em) is fine-tuned according to the business reality we met when helping our Customers implement ICM systems over the past 10 years.

Still, we know that compensation is as complex as business itself. Your Company probably has some special, one of the kind, means and ways to compensate your business partners. This is the reason we designed the most flexible, but bulletproof-strong, product to support your compensation processes.

BCM Modules

RewardsSales challenges
Multi-channels supportMulti-level networks support
Affiliate programsLoyalty programs
RoyaltiesCustomers portfolio based
SLA basedCarried interest


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