Responsible Performance Strategy

Evidency and its Partners are ideally matched to bring you a complete solution, including expertise, best practices, technical services and software. Together, we can help you throughout each stage of your project.

Evidency is experienced in implementing large Compensation management projects for employees as well as for distributors. You will also benefit from the experience of our seasoned Senior Executives team. Together they have implemented more than 25 international ICM projects in multiple industries such as Banking, Insurances, Telecoms and Manufacturing.

This significante experience in building performance oriented Compensation strategies has led us to understand that companies needs have changed.

Today, their focus has moved to a more healthy, unquestionable growth. We partnered with leading consulting corporations to embed Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Compliance in our approaches.


We work with selected IT suppliers and Systems Integrators. Fully trained on our solution, they ensure a perfect integration of our solutions with your information systems.


Our certified partners guarantee the training of your administrators and power users.


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