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To match stock-markets requirements and Law enforcements, leading Corporations must take their Incentive & Compensation Management (ICM) a leap forward by embedding Governance, Risks and Compliance Management (GRCM).

Evidency Governance CenterEvidency Governance Center

This new challenge of linking ICM and GRCM introduces a major shift in operational alignment of Employees and Partners Compensation. Today, Compensation’s focus moves from Performance to Responsibility.

Evidency’s vision of Responsible Performance is about providing our customers with the first enterprise-grade software to support aligning Compensation with Performance and Responsibility.

Evidency Governance Center blends traditional ICM and GRCM systems in an innovative solution that for the first time ties back personal behaviors to individual Compensation.

Evidency Governance Center supports the design, financial simulation and roll-out of Compensation Pay-Plans with reconciled individual objectives for Performance, Governance, Risks and Compliance.

Evidency Governance Center is a new generation of Unified Compensation and Risk management solution.

  • It enables every Business Unit of your Company to align a Compensation Plans of his employees and distributors with your corporate strategic goals and Governance guidelines.
  • Evidency Governance Center matches global and local complexity of large international corporations. But its modular and flexible approach makes it possible to use it for just a small group of people.
  • It can easily be used in a cost effective subscription SaaS Cloud-Computing mode or alternatively it can be deployed in-house as a classic enterprise Web-application. And its up-to-date Web 2.0 graphical user interface eliminate end-users adoption issues.
  • No matter what is your project’s schedule or size, Evidency Governance Center have more than 30 ready-to-run business modules. This makes it easy to deploy the exact module you need in short phases showing quick success and fast ROI.
  • So whether you are an emerging business or a large international corporation we can always provide you with the right solution that will grow with your success :
Over 15.000 peopleWorldwide Shared project
1.500 - 15.000Enterprise project
100 - 1.499Workgroup project
1 - 99Pilot project


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